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Maik Lutze is a German born creative mind, digital designer and Flash developer, working for food in the digital interactive landscape. His professional portfolio can be found at www.17eleven.com.

When he came to Beijing in late 2008 he just about had missed the Olympic games, being slightly frustrated about that lost opportunity. What he gained, however, was an opportunity of a greater scale: a new beginning in a foreign world.

While his stay in China was planned for a mere 2 months, he very quickly discovered his love for a country that was different to any other country he had been to. The differences weren’t unexpected, but they didn’t turn out to be the way he expected.

In order to put his findings to a greater good, Maik decided to stay in China and let the world know about the things he discovered and may still discover.

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  1. Changchang says:

    Nice~ I will keep following the site ~n_n~

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