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He who travels a lot has much to tell.

That’s probably the best way to describe the stuff on this website.
Switching Hamburg with Beijing sounds crazy at first. Especially when it’s not about a short stay. But then it turns out that every day’s life is much less difficult or strange as you might expect. “Strange” refers mostly to the things you experience. And strange is also the insight that when looking at them from the outside, things back home aren’t as normal as you always thought they were.

How incomprehensible can a foreign culture be? How familiar on the other hand? Can you feel at home and if so, what provides the biggest challenge? Nothing is more easy than condemning a foreign world. Nothing more convenient than judging its rank growth from the comfy patio of your own culture instead of stepping a foot into its garden and look for yourself.

To be content with this restricted point of view is insufficient to say the least. One must clip the needling firs of prejudice and free the view onto what awaits those who put on the working gloves and don’t eschew the direct contact.
Well, and that’s also what this blog is dealing with.

During the cause we will meet Mister Li. With his sympathetic and honest character he impersonates everything that the Chinese are today. We run across Herr Meyer, the towel-distributing personal union of lyrical El Arenal culturalists. And we get to know sir Johnson, the shareholder value-driven business man who believes all countries in the world are franchises of the American dream. In their virtual flat-sharing community they repeatedly shed light onto what has denoted the phrase “culture clash”.

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